Plug-and-play desktop adapters 12V/24V – Plug-and-play desktop adapters are the easiest and quickest solution for powering kinds of LED Lighting systems. Adapters easily plug into a standard US/EU/UK/AU wall outlet and come with a standard DC barrel connector on the output. It can plug multiple LED strips, LED cabinets bars and LED linear fixtures with our 2 or 4 way DC spliters. You can creat beautiful LED installaions in minutes using our 12V/24V plug-and-play desktop adapters. These adapters are non-dimmable on the input but can be used with a controller on the output to dim LED lights.


– Ingress protection: IP20
– Application condition: Indoor
– Working temperature: 0℃~40℃
– Relative Humidity: 5%(0℃)~90%(40℃)
– Input voltage: 110/220V
– Output voltage: 12/ 24V
– Efficiency: 83% max.
– High efficiency, high reliability
– Universal AC input / Full range
– 100% full load burn-in test
– Protection: Short circuit / Over load / Over voltage
– Cooling by free air convection
– UL, CE, ROHS Certified

DeRun Plug-and-play Adapter 12V/24V List

ADAPTER12V0.5A-P100-240V         12V 0.5A 6W          72*28*42mm
ADAPTER12V1A-P100-240V         12V  1A  12W          74*49*29mm
ADAPTER12V2A-P100-240V         12V  2A  24W          97*45*31mm
ADAPTER12V3A-P100-240V         12V 3A 36W            90*52*34mm
ADAPTER12V1A100-240V         12V 1A 12W             74*49*29mm
ADAPTER12V2A100-240V         12V  2A  24W          97*45*31mm
ADAPTER12V3A100-240V         12V  3A  36W          115*45*32mm
ADAPTER12V4A100-240V         12V  4A  48W          115*45*32mm
ADAPTER12V5A100-240V         12V  5A  60W          120*60*38mm
ADAPTER12V6A100-240V         12V 6A 72W            132*58*31mm
ADAPTER12V8A100-240V         12V 8A 96W            170*65*38mm
ADAPTER12V10A100-240V         12V  10A  120W      170*65*38mm
ADAPTER24V1A100-240V         24V 1A 24W             97*45*31mm
ADAPTER24V2A100-240V         24V 2A 48W            115*45*32mm
ADAPTER24V3A100-240V         24V 3A 72W            132*58*31mm
ADAPTER24V4A100-240V         24V 4A 96W            170*65*38mm
ADAPTER24V5A100-240V         24V 5A 120W          170*65*38mm