1) This product is a full-color single-point externally controlled flexible light strip, and every three light beads is a pixel.

2) With high brightness, it can achieve the effects of full-color flowing water, meteor tail-chasing, chasing, advertising words, animation, video, scanning, etc.

3) Widely used in hotels, KTV, and other interior decoration.

4) Up to 5 meters can be connected in series, super series connection is strictly prohibited.

5) The thickness of the power cord should be determined according to the actual possible maximum current, product power, wiring length (recommended no more than 5 meters), and the voltage drop of the low-voltage transmission line.

Product parameters

Product nameWS2811 DC12V 48LEDs/m Addressable RGB LED Strip Lights
Part numberDR-WS2811FX48-12V
Input voltageDC12V
Led quantity48pcs/M
IC modelWS2811S
IC typeexternal type
IC quantity16pcs/m
Working current0.048A/segment 0.96A/m
LED chipSMD5050
LED colorRGB
Circuit board typedouble layer FPCB (flexible soft board)
Packagingaluminum foil bag anti-static packaging
Weight per plate240g (drop glue) 100g (bare board) 200g (sleeve)
Working temperature-40℃ ~ 60℃
Storage temperature-50℃ ~ 80℃
Bits/color8-bits/color;24bit for RGB
PCB width10mm
Working hours50000 hours
Length5000mm (16.4ft) per roll
Standard connector3PIN terminal to connector
Waterproof ratingsIP20 / IP67
Tape3M 300LSE tape on the back
CertificationCE, ROHS
Warranty3 years

Brief description of WS2811 magic LED light strip function:

Control single-light horse racing, running water, opening windows, shooting stars, chasing, animation, video, text, and other tricks.

Any color can be displayed, and it can be combined into any pattern at will, especially when it is used as a light bar screen.


The light source of this series of products adopts high-quality ultra-high brightness 5050RGB LED, which has high brightness, low power consumption, good consistency, large angle, no radiation, strong environmental adaptability, and long service life.

Every 3 LED lights can form a circuit (pixel point), which is light in size, rich in patterns and colors, can be fixed arbitrarily and is easy to install.

Application scope of LED WS2811 magic light strip:

The light source of this product is rich and bright in color, has high visibility, and is more visually attractive.

It is widely used in wall corridors, indoor environment decoration, entertainment venues, bar backlights, ceiling backlights, LED lightbox light sources, LED luminous signs, aquarium products, car decorations, etc. A generation of lighting sources.

How to connect and control

The WS2811 led strip has 3 wires for sending data – one V+ pin, one GND pin, and one data pin. That means you need 3 pins to control the strip. Because the data is separated, you can use any processor speed or type to control these strips.

By varying the level of red, green, and blue (RGB) per pixel point, many color combinations can be made, you can use any processor speed or type to control these strips, you can use any microcontroller or microprocessor, including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Propeller, SparkCore, and any ‘raw’ microcontrollers/microprocessors to control the strip.

This strip comes as a single full meter with a 3-pin JST SM connector on each end. Every LEDs segment can be cut. Solder to the 0.1″ copper pads and you’re good to go.

You can also connect strips together to make them longer.

We are a professional lighting system company, you can tell us your lighting project requirements, we will recommend the most reasonable lighting solutions for you. If you need a customized lighting scheme, please feel free to contact me.