IP67 Waterproof Power Supply 12V/24V – IP67 Waterproof Rating makes this driver suitable for outdoor LED Lighting and landscape applications. It has universal input voltage 110-240VAC. High power drivers offer 2 outputs allows you to easily connect multiple LED lights to one LED power supply. These drivers are non-dimmable on the input but can be used with a controller on the ouput to dim LED lights.


– Ingress protection: IP67
– Application condition: Outdoor
– Working temperature: 0℃~40℃
– Relative Humidity: 5%(0℃)~90%(40℃)
– Input voltage: 100-240V
– Output voltage: 12/ 24V
– Efficiency: 83% max.
– High efficiency, high reliability
– Universal AC input / Full range
– 100% full load burn-in test
– Protection: Short circuit / Over load / Over voltage
– Cooling by free air convection
– CE, ROHS Certified

DeRun IP67 Waterproof Power Supply 12V/24V List

WPADAPTER12V10W100-240V                   12V 0.83A  10W                  132*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V12W100-240V                   12V 1A  12W                        132*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V15W100-240V                   12V 1.25A 15W                    132*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V20W100-240V                   12V  1.7A  20W                    132*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V25W100-240V                   12V 2A 25W                         132*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V30W100-240V                   12V  2.5A  30W                    182*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V40W100-240V                   12V 3.3A 40W                      222*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V45W100-240V                   12V 3.75A 45W                    222*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V50W100-240V                   12V  4.2A  50W                    222*30*20mm
WPADAPTER12V60W100-240V                   12V  5A  60W                       190*48*38mm
WPADAPTER12V80W100-240V                   12V 6.6A  80W                     190*48*38mm
WPADAPTER12V100W100-240V                   12V  8.3A  100W                  222*69*43mm
WPADAPTER12V120W100-240V                   12V  10A  120W                   222*69*43mm
WPADAPTER12V150W100-240V                   12V  12.5A  150W                245*70*48mm
WPADAPTER12V200W100-240V                   12V  16.7A  200W                235*120*58mm
WPADAPTER12V250W100-240V                   12V  20A  250W                   235*120*58mm
WPADAPTER12V300W100-240V                   12V  25A 300W                    235*120*58mm