Due to the way and location of the LED strips, the circuit structure and physical structure are different. How to design a reasonable LED light strip for customers requires the designer to listen and…View More
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7 Aspects To Elaborate Which is better about high voltage and low voltage LED strip lights
1. Safety: The voltage of 220V used by high-voltage LED strip is dangerous. It is a safety hazard in some risk applications. The low-voltage LED strip works under the working voltage of DC 12V.…View More
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5 Aspects of LED light strip production process
1.LED Strip Light Chips LED is a complete industrial chain, and upstream of it is the cutting and production of wafer epitaxial wafers, which is also the most technical content of the LED industry. …View More
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9 major factors affecting the price of LED Strip lights
When buying LED strips, don't just pay attention to the price. Teach you to comprehensive assessment from the following aspects, in order to buy the best cost-effective LED light strip. 1. Chips…View More
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6 kinds of led strip light Specification term Introduction
1.LED size 0603, 0805, 1210, 5050 refer to the size of the LED (inch/metric) used for the LED light strip. The following is a detailed description of these specifications: 0603: The con…View More
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What is the LED Strip Lights
LED strip lights are also called LED flexible strips, LED strips, flexible LED rope, LED ribbon. Although the inscriptions are inconsistent, they all refer to the same product. Consumers and friends …View More
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