rgbw ip67 01 thumb - LED Strip EncyclopediaLED strip lights are also called LED flexible strips, LED strips, flexible LED rope, LED ribbon. Although the inscriptions are inconsistent, they all refer to the same product. Consumers and friends should not be confused because of their different names.

LED light strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on strip-shaped FPC (flexible circuit boards) or PCB hard boards. Their general models are roughly 3528, 3020, 5050 and so on.

A friend who is not familiar with the LED strip may not know the meaning of the above numbers. Others refer to the size of the LED on the LED strip. 1210: Converted to metric is 3528, which means that the length of the LED component is 3.5mm and the width is 2.8mm. Industry referred to as 3528. 5050: This is the metric system, which means that the length of the LED component is 5.0mm and the width is 5.0mm. Industry referred to as 5050.

The number of LED lights with LED lights: 30 lights, 48 ​​lights, 60 lights, 120 lights refers to how many LED components are soldered per meter length of the LED strip. Generally speaking, the 1210 specification strip is 60 LEDs per meter, 5050 The specification lamp strip is 30 LEDs per meter, and the special one has 60 LEDs per meter.

The color temperature of the LED strip: refers to heating a standard black body. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, the color begins to change from deep red – light red – orange yellow – white – blue, and when a light source and black body are the same color, we will The absolute temperature of the black body at that time is called the color temperature of the light source. The color temperature of LED strips is generally divided into warm white (about 2200K-3500K), white (4000K-6000K), and cool white (6500K or more). Different people have different adaptability to color temperature, like Europe and America. People prefer cold and white LED strips.

The main factor affecting the price of LED strips: The price of LED strips depends mainly on the materials used and the production process, such as LED chips used, LED glue, LED soldering processes, etc.

The price of LED lights on the market is very different. Consumers are not blindly distinguishing the quality of products from the price. In terms of waterproofing, although the waterproof product is more expensive than the non-waterproof product, if it is used at home, it is possible to choose a non-waterproof LED light strip, so it is the best choice for your own product.