S Shape Bendable RGBIC LED Strip Light:

1. It can be bent, folded, and wound freely, and can be moved and expanded in three-dimensional space at will.

2. With good heat dissipation performance, f-PC can be used to reduce the volume.

3. Realize lightweight, miniaturized, and thin, so as to achieve the integration of components, devices, and wire connections.

Wide compatibility:

Can be controlled by Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Fadecandy, K1000C, SP105E, SP107E, SP110E, etc.

12V WS2815 LED Strip:

WS2815 LED strip is an upgraded version of the 5V WS2813 LED strip. For the 5M LED strip, even if all the LEDs are turned on full white, the 12V version has no voltage drop. You don’t need to inject power as frequently as the 5V version.

Individually addressable:

Each pixel can have its own color and brightness. You can control it individually and set them to any color or animation you want. 256 brightness display and 24-bit color display.

Dual-signal wires:

WS2815 LED strip is Similar to the version of the 5V WS2813 LED strip, Designed with one data wire and one backup data wire. Signal break-point continuous transmission. If one LED is damaged, the following LEDs can still work.

Product parameters

Product nameS-type Bendable 60LEDs/m RGBIC LED Strip Lights
Part numberDR-WS2815FXB60-12V
Input voltageDC12V
Led quantity60pcs/M
IC modelWS2815
IC typeBuilt-in type
IC quantity60pcs/m
Working current0.02A/segment 1.2A/m
LED chipSMD5050
LED colorRGB
Circuit board typedouble layer FPCB (flexible soft board)
Packagingaluminum foil bag anti-static packaging
Weight per plate240g (drop glue) 100g (bare board) 200g (sleeve)
Working temperature-40℃ ~ 60℃
Storage temperature-50℃ ~ 80℃
Bits/color8-bits/color;24bit for RGB
PCB width10mm
Working hours50000 hours
Length5000mm (16.4ft) per roll
Standard connector4PIN terminal to connector
Waterproof ratingsIP20 / IP67
Tape3M 300LSE tape on the back
CertificationCE, ROHS
Warranty2 years

The difference between the WS2815 and WS2813:

1. LED Chip type:

WS2815——WS2815 IC
WS2813——WS2813 IC

2. The problem with voltage drop:

WS2815 No voltage drop
WS2813 need to add DC5V voltage every 5m

3. Normal operating voltage:

WS2813 Working with DC5V
WS2815 Working with DC12V


LED Light Source: WS2815LED
( Same Protocol as WS2811s But With Dual-Signal Wires, So Can Be Controlled by the Same WS2811/ws2812 Controllers)
Input Voltage: DC12V WS2815.
LED: Each LED is separately controlled
IC: (1 IC drives 1 led chip)
Cuttable: Every LED is cuttable
Grey Scale: 256
Bits/Color: 8-Bits/Color
Colors: Full-color RGB, dream color changing
FPC Color: Black/ White
Pixels: 30Leds/60Leds/144Leds/m
Working Temperature: -40 – 70 °C
Storage Temperature: -50 – 80 °C
Source Life: 50,000 hours
Connector: 4PIN connector terminal pair (Red: 12V power, Green: Dateline, Blue: standby dateline, Black: GND)

bendable led strip lights 2 - Addressable LED Strip Lights

Here we have a five-meter bendable LED tape now this is a way a very clever way of getting lighting into dark areas of your home.

It has a sticky back tape on the back of it so literally, all you do is stick it around the areas that you want to light.

So I’m thinking undersides of bookshelves back at the doors of wardrobes. So you can actually see what’s in the wardrobe, or even under or on top of your kitchen wall. units it’s 8 watt LEDs which give out 1,000 lumens. so it’s nice and bright super energy-efficient.

bendable led strip lights 3 - Addressable LED Strip Lights

Because we’re on LED lighting here, the other great thing about these is they don’t dissipate heat. So if you are putting in an area where it might come into touch with your hand, you’re not going to burn yourself.

As well the installation is very easy, you start at one end taping as you go. It’s completely bendable, so it’ll go around all kinds of strange shapes quite comfortably and stick into position.

Now remember there are five meters here, if you don’t need the full five meters during the installation process when it’s not on, you can obviously stick up to where you need and there are parts marked on it, where you can clearly cut through with a pair of scissors, and these are about every 100 millimeters, and you just literally snip through them, and you’re ready to go plug-and-play aspect too, and to get light into those dark corners.

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