Bluetooth controller adopts the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the wireless intelligent LED controller, RGBW intelligent lamp, for hotels, bars, KTC, family, and other leisure and entertainment scene lighting, by Android (Android) 4.3 above (including 4.3), apple (IOS) 4S above 6.0 system intelligent equipment directly control the lamp on and off, adjust the light color, brightness, also can adjust a variety of beautiful lighting effects, such as colorful gradient, Monochrome, double color gradient, all kind of monochrome, double color, colorful flashing, colorful jump and so on, the product applicable to RGB or RGBW LED lamps.

Product Features

1, LED Bluetooth controller is directly through the mobile phone remote control, remote distance can reach 20M, without the need to set up, easy to connect, open the software within 5 seconds you can automatically connect the controller
2、Can be set switch timing function.
3、Follow the rhythm of the music changes
4、Group control.
5、brightness,speed Addition and subtraction
6、Maximum can be 20 meters RGB or RBGW lamp
7、The software shows that the text is based on the language of the mobile phone set up automatic transformation of Chinese or English

Animation effect:

1、Colorful gradient
2、All kinds of monochrome, double color gradient.
3、All kinds of monochrome, double color, Colorful flashing.
4、colorful jump
5、Follow the rhythm of the music changes

2、output voltage:DC5-24V
4、working temperature:-20-60℃