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RGBW & CCT WIFI Controller for 12V/24V LED Strip Light

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This wifi controller is a smart WIFI controller for LED Strip Lights. Via smart phone, Ipad, it makes LED Lighting more intelligent, notworked and humanized local or remote control.

Product Features

1. Colorful Party: 16.7 million colors as a kaleidoscope create a beautiful life. Moreover, DIY Mode sparks your life with delight and surprise.
2. Select desired colors from photos: Light color varies as your finger touches and moves from one spot to the next in the picture. Select your desired color and enjoy the amazing illumination.
3. Support 3G/4G/WIFI/LAN network remote control: support smart phone remote control via the mobile network, thus no hassle of forgetting to turn off the lights. Control lights from the outside easily guarantees you a green travel.
4. Support Apple, Android mobile device WIFI control: support WIFI control of iPod, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, MIUI, Huawei etc.. Of course, easy control for other brand smart phones.
5. Time Switch: When night falls, the lights automatically light up your living room.
6. Perfect combination of Music and Light: Just play the music in your mobile with apps, the light will function as the beat of music.
7. The Master of Color: Fantastic music and lighting help to create the right atmosphere, bringing back the days full of memories or close to whatever you want to make.
8. Delight in the light: Unburden exhaustion, chase away loneliness, being a warm guardian, accompanying us as a loved family.
9. Support a variety of places: Lighting is a very important to create a comfortable, healthy and high quality life. Blue light is optimal for the morning while yellow light for the evening, which conforms to the principle of biology. This wifi controller can be used in different places to light up your spaces according to your requirements.


Model No:    DR-WIFI-C
Communication standard:    Wi-Fi,802.11b/g/n protocol
Input voltage:    DC12V-DC24V
Max current load:    3A×4CH Max12A
Max output power:    60W/144W/288W(5V/12V/24V)
Working temperature:    -30℃~55℃
Dimensions:    L125×W33×H20(mm)
Package size:    L140×W34×H23(mm)
Weight (G.W.):    80g

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