As we know , Katy Perry is a  famous singer and songwriter in Amercia . one day , she taked part in the party in New York Institute of fashion technology, and what she wear catch many people ‘s eyes.

So now , you will curious  what colthing she put on that day ?

Epecially !!! It is a dress build in leds , which can make dress flash and grow out dream colors. It is this wonderful dress that let Katy Perry looks more Molomolo and fascinating.

a8847c7a5fbf - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

From this example, we can know that , now use led on clothing is more and more popular.So what kind of led lights will be suitable to clothing ? if make the dress like  Katy Perry, we can choose Flexible led strip light to have a try .

the reason why the flexible led strip light is because the strip light with string shape, lightness and soft , can be perfer combine with the dress, make dress looks nature and real. If put on the rgb color leds, it also can change dress color , so you can try all colors you like when you wear the same dress . is it very interesting ?

Of course , the clothing also can make by other led lights , such as smd led , high power led … according to difference clothing,You can choose the the fit one to make it.