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LED High Bay Light With UL Driver In 5 Years Warranty

By: DeRun   Views:5742   Date: 07/27-2015

What is led high bay light ?

it is a light often use for production operation in factory and mine .

It has a high requirment for the ray of light. always use directly light to light up ceilling , which can make ceilling more brighter , creat a more comfortable and more brighter environment, let people feel comfortable.

For led high bay light , it has the great advantages than tradition high bay light , such as :

1.Higher Color rendering index (CRI ) >70

2.Higher lighting effect , more saving energy , if 100w led high bay light , it can equivalently to 250w tradition high bay light .

3. Better heat dissipation effect then tradition high bay light , because led is a cold light source, so it will much safer to use.

4.Now the led high bay light quality is improved , and we have a new model , its is less weight then the old model , and has better heat disddipation effect , quality is very good , with 5 years warranty . Just like the picture as below :

led high bay light

led high bay light

its specification as below :

1. MEAN WELL UL Driver
2. LED Chip: High power led Bridgelux 45mil 110-120LM/W
3. Power Factor: ≥0.95
4. Warranty: 5 years

We can make them in 45 degree and 120 degrees , from 50-200w, if you are interested in them , please feel to send us requiry.


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