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The Most Widly Use Led Source Is 5050 On Led Strip

By: DeRun   Views:4585   Date: 11/30-2015

With the economy inprovment. more and more people perfer to the indoor activeties,so the led strip light is become more widly use in people’s life. its long lifespan , eco-friendly and good price catches people’s eyes among all kinds of led lights.

Now the led strip widly application on super maket ,office ,pub bar , coffee house, park, indoor decoration and outdoor decoration, especial for the Christmas lighting .so the led strip light has a important rate on the led market.

what’s the main led source of smd led strip? they are 5050 , 3528 , 2835 , 3014 , 335 and 5730.

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5050 is the mainstream , Derun ‘s main product also focus on smd 5050 led strip . we sell them in 5050 150leds and 300leds 5 meters , which in difference protect rate.form nonwaterproof ip20 to highest protect rate IP68 waterproof .

Now many supplier push 3014 led strip because its good lighting effect pupular with customer .But since its technology still not yet mature, the quality is not very stable. So the focuse still on 5050 led strip.

The strenth for 5730 is high lumen high brightness, its chip zise if bigger , so power is bigger , so brigther , but since its power is high , so cooling is a problem if make it in flexible pcb led strip . Derun offers 5730 led rigid strip bar ,Because the aluminum profile will help to fast cooling .

For 3528 and 2835 , they are similiar , and in some market , the 3528 led strip because its cheap price , now it is stop production , and 2835 is widly use in many led ficture , so it will be a trend that 2835 will replace the 3528 in the future market. Anyway , now Derun lighting can supply you both of them at high quality 🙂

statistical findings, Amount all kinds of led strip light , the 5050 led strip light hold the biggest rate on the market , it is about 60%-70%, while 3528 is 15%.

So if you are a newer on led strip market ,focus on 5050 led strip is a wise choice.

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