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We Are Family—-DeRun Guys

By: DeRun   Views:6261   Date: 01/12-2016

Hi my dear friend, good day to you! Today is Friday, we will have a nice weekend. It’s time for your to out the work to company your dear family. Having a good trip, you can relaxing yourself and bring the happy time for your parents and your kids.

Last weekend, all of our sales department went to the Kowloon Hills Ecology garden,we cooked by ourselves, fishing, bamboo rafting, making pottery, LED Strip Light


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That day with good sunshine with gentle breeze, everything was mild, the water lily was beautiful in a calm lake.

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We are in the center of lake with bamboo raft, to be relax and Bathed In Warm Sunshine, everythingwas well.

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I learned to making the  pottery in my life, that was my firt time to play. A small vase have been finished by myself and Linda(my colleague). We make it dry and picked up some fowers into it. A small vase have been complished by myself.


I have experienced the many of first time in my life, like the archery, cooking in field with my lovely colleague.

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In the afternoon, we takesome photoes in the expanses of grasslands. I’m very enjoy my hiking and relaxing my self. And also, I feel so happy in DeRun family.

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Hope you have the same happying hiking in this weekend! : ) And if you have any interested in our LED Strip Light, please feel free contact to Sarah, I will so happy to give you the best service.


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