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LED Strip Grow Light

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I received a customer who is from Canada and coming all the way to our factory. I was thinking that he speaks English, while he speak good French , which is out of my expectation. I met the customer who comes from France speaks excellent English as well. This guy is kinda shy but very humorous. We talk and laugh when I take him and his colleague to the production line .

The main product he is interested in is our led strip grow light , because he need them to grow many organic vegetable . I was told that this kind of organic vegetable is $2/unit. The vegetable is growing at fast speed and very healthy way with the lighting of our led grow light . we all know that people care more about the health of the food , that is the green food. So the organic vegetable will have a very good market for the city, especially for the big city where no spare space for them to grow the vegetable. And the price is very reasonable for them. with the good benefit he have gained from this work , he is going to order more led grow light to extend the business.