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Top 10 Countries Query Flexible LED Strip Lights On July, 24th, 2017

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Founded in 2011, located in Shenzhen city of China, DeRun offers waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights, non-waterproof Flexible LED Strip Lights and epoxy covering led strip, 3528 & 5050 in single color and RGB with remote controller and adapters.


As a Flexible LED Strip Lights expert, DeRun is going to share some statistics about the top 10 countries query the keyword Flexible LED Strip Lights the most on July, 24th, 2017. Please see the form below:


Country/Region Clicks Impressions CTR Position
United States 53 3404 1.56% 21.7
Canada 22 253 8.70% 12.4
India 16 413 3.87% 21.4
United Kingdom 14 421 3.33% 14.1
Australia 12 242 4.96% 10.8
Singapore 9 104 8.65% 19.3
Germany 8 186 4.30% 20.5
Netherlands 7 162 4.32% 14.7
Saudi Arabia 7 54 12.96% 12
Bulgaria 7 32 21.88% 10.2


From the statistics above, we can know that among the top 10 countries query Flexible LED Strip Lights the most, United States won the most Clicks and Impressions. United Kingdom and India got the second and the third Clicks, which are the closing clicks. While Canada got the second Impressions.


Surprisingly, the best click through rate belonged to Bulgaria, which is over 21%. And the keyword Flexible LED Strip Lights averagely ranked on 10.2 in Bulgaria as well, which is the highest ranking among the 10 countries. Saudi Arabia also had the not bad CTRs. And the keyword ranked on 10.8 in Australia, which is the second best position.


Therefore, maybe we can carry out more marketing promotion about Flexible LED Strip Lights on these top 10 countries, especially on United States and Bulgaria.