The domestic sales of LED products including CQC mark certification and CCC the two compulsory certification, testing and certification by the China Quality Certification Center (CQC). LED road lighting products referenced domestic CCC compulsory certification standards GB7000.1-2007 (lamps General safety requirements and test), GB7000.5-2005 (roads and street lighting safety requirements), GB17625.1-2003 (per phase equipment input current ? 16A EMC limit harmonic current emissions), GB17743-2007 (electrical lighting and similar equipment – Radio disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement), GB/T18595-2001 (general lighting equipment EMC immunity requirements), the content of the standard and test methods are basically the same with the IEC standards; LED lighting products CQC logo certification is the certification of energy efficiency standards, was released in December 2010 by the China Quality Certification Center and implementation of LED road CQC energy saving lighting products logo certified reference standard CQC31-465392-2010 (LED road / tunnel lighting energy certification rules), the content of the standard index of the optical parameters of the LED road lighting products to stringent requirements of its products The initial light efficiency, lumen maintenance, the initial color temperature and other indicators is much higher than local standards, the LED lamps certified companies is still very small, my road lighting products have passed the certification of CQC energy saving flag. The following describes the CQC logo certification and CCC compulsory certification differences:

CQC logo certification is a voluntary certification in the country, CQC Mark certification within the scope of products that countries do not enforce existing CQC logo indicates that the product meets the quality, safety, environmental protection, performance, organic produce and other standard requirements; CCC certification in the country belong to the compulsory certification, all products must be sold in mainland China CCC certification is required, otherwise it is not factory, import, sale and use of illegal products are CCC certified products directory;

CQC mark certification contained in the product range is greater than the CCC compulsory certification, CQC mark certification covers more than 500 products, CCC mandatory product certification directory contains 19 categories of 132 kinds of products, such as: CCC compulsory certification of products directory does not includes an LED road lighting products, do not need to do the CCC, but do CQC energy saving logo certification, LED downlight for indoor use products in the CCC compulsory certification in catalog, in addition to CCC compulsory certification must be done, but also to do energy-saving CQC mark certification;

CCC compulsory certification of safety and electromagnetic compatibility mandatory safety certification, not optical parameters and product quality indicators for certification testing CQC mark certification products comply with the standards of quality, safety, environmental protection, and performance requirements involved optical parameters and product quality indicators need to detect;