There are two popular sale platforms on Internet. One is B2B(business to business) wholesale website ,such as Alibaba, Made-in China, Global Resource. Another one is B2C(business to customer) retail website, such as ebay, amazon,wish ,aliexpress ,ect.


Every coin has two side. Some customers prefer making order in retail website for the express delivery time and low price., i was told like that .while others make the complain that they would never buy the goods on ebay or aliexpress any more after the bad buying experience they been through. “I was tempted by the low price and fast delivery time while didn’t pay much attention on the quality at that time”.
I was out of utterance right away when I heard that and was thinking that it is exactly a narrow minded idea in the condition that everyone knows you get what you pay for.


Given the cases happened, our company doesn’t sell the led strip light on various retail websites. We focus on the wholesale website, Alibaba, and gain many loyal customers from worldwide. We mainly sell the wholesale factory high brightness led strip light with 3 years warranty to the high end market .