What is the color you like best ? Do you know what is the implied meaning for different colors ?

Red Color :

In China , Red color represent optimistic, happy . while in western country , the red color represent the sacrifice in the war.

Orange Color :

it is fashion ,energetic, young, and sunny , the same as the sun shine.

Blue Color :

It represent quiet, freedom and fresh .In western country, the blue color represent the loyal to country. So the nurse in blue color uniform. the same meaning is in China , so that’s why our navy are in marine blue uniform , it has the loyal meaning also have the freedom meaning.

Green Color :

This color stand for hope ,health, fresh , it is a life symbol.

purple Color:

it is a color represent Mystery, noble, elegant, it is special status symbol

White Color :

clean and honest, cold and simple.in China, It is a symbol of death and ominous

Pink Color :

it stand for lovely , tender , happy and young. many baby girls like this pink color , such as the hello kitty.

Yellow Color :

It represents brilliance, glory, also have the golden shine, stand for rich and right .it is a proud of color.

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