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Another new arrival, Derun led lighting company, the China-led strip supplier develop a new product, it is high-density 240leds per meter led strip light, it is not double row, but single row. every led closer to the next one.

240leds per meter 3528 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

high-density 240leds per meter single row 3528 led strip

Now let me introduce this new product to you. as below are some basic parameters :

led chip: Epistar SMD 3520

led quantity:240 LEDs per meter, 1200 LEDs 5 meter

PCB width: 12mm


power: 19.2w per meter, 96w 5 meter

length: 5 meters one roll

CRI :>80

Color temperature: 2800-6500k

warranty :3 years

Certification: CE ROHS


This led strip special feature is its high density, high lumen, high quantity led, if you don’t want to use a wider PCB double row led strip light in 1200leds 5 meters, you can choose this kind of led strip.

If you are interested in this kind of led strip or if you have a project need such high-density single row led strip light, please feel free to contact us. Since it is a new product for us, now it still on promotion price, heartbeat as action, please send you to inquire to us quickly!