Hello everyone~ Here is Sarah share time.

Today, I’d like to share LED Standard Terminology 2–Color Temperature.

Kelvin Color Temperature: Noun, Plural- Kelvin Color Temperatures, Abbreviation- K

Different color temperature have different color, you could see from the picture.A method of describing the characteristic of visible light as emitted by an ideal black-body radiator over a range of temperatures.

color temp 600x250 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

The term “Kelvins” refers to the measurable temperature at which each color is experienced in this example.

kelvin color temperature 600x305 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

As heat is applied, the black object will begin to glow red, then orange, yellow, and bright white. If heat is continually applied the white will eventually fade into a bright blue.

led color temperature 600x427 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

As you can see from the image above, the Kelvin Color Temperature scale describes only a range of red to blue light. Since a heated object will not naturally turn to shades of green or purple, these colors cannot be described on the Kelvin scale.

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