Good news, Derun led strip grow light is on big sale now !!!!

As we mentioned in previous article, Derun offers led strip grow light use 24v flexible led strip light in 2835 120leds/m model . The wavelength at 450nm and 660nm . Now we have updated the item into more wavelength available , they are 420nm , 450nm , 620nm and 660nm. Also price come out at every competitive .

led grow strip - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

If you want the led strip grow light led chip order in difference rate for blue and red color , we also can make it for you . For example , if you need 5 :1 red to blue, it is ok. because we make it 24v , so the led strip is 6leds one grounp , 5:1 is does become a group. it will looks like this :

led grow strip light 600x338 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

We can make it in nonwaterproof and wateproof type ,  5 meter one roll , can work with 110v -220v led power supply.

If you are interested in our led strip grow light and wanna to see our good price , please feel free to contact us . Thank you !