CNY enters into countdown. Our holiday is from February 1st.2016 to February 15th .2016. Lunar New Year is the biggest and the most important festival in China, there is always a period of time during which all the railway station ,long-distance bus stations and airports are extremely busy.

As many people, especially those who work away from home most of the year will be anxious to return and be homed as quickly as possible. Only a few days when peasant-worker or office worker can be homed with families. So this period is of great importance for them.
if any of you make the order at the end of this month, the goods will be arranged for production after the holiday, everyone of us are supposed to be grateful and try to spend as much as time with our dearest families.

The led strip light still have a satisfying oversea market for foreigner in 2015. Though the economic situation is not so good as we expected in Europe. As our main market is North American, you know, where the high quality is highly required, our business seem to be little influenced on this. And I believe our led strip light will be more and more hot-selling in the future.

strip 22 600x400 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide