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Derun Led Strip Light Application

By: DeRun   Views:6344   Date: 12/04-2015

Today, i would like to share a article of our colleage.

Christmas  is coming soon. many  people in Western Countries are thinking about  and preparing what they should buy as gift . every one of us are supposed to be grateful .after all , nobody are obligated to be kind to others.we should learn to be kind to those who care about us too and cherish the friendship, kinship, etc. we will go farther with the company .

if you visit your friend or relatives , choosing flexible led strip light as gift would be a perfect choice , as they can use it for indoor decoration, such as bedroom, living room,cabinet, kitchen decoration, which will be very warm and impressive . i would recommend our best  5050 60leds  white warm white led strip light to you . for other single color ,such as red. green ,blue ,yellow,etc, i would advise it for outdoor use , it is too cool and need to be installed in the specific place such as dance room.

i would like to share one picture with you , this picture was sent by my customer.He bought the led strip light from me and share the achievement with me . it looks very cool , doesn’t it ?


if you are interested in it , what are you hesitating for ? come on and contact me for more details!




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