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Black Pcb Led Strip Application

By: DeRun   Views:5804   Date: 11/18-2015

Led strip pcb have 3 kinds,  whte color pcb, black color pcb and yellow color pcb .

The White color pcb led strip is the most popular one for clients .they application on indoor and outdoor decoration lightings.




But some special field must need the black pcb led strip . such as the Car and motorcycle decorative lighting and edge lighting.

motorcycle hhhh




Recently , i received some require from our USA client who asking something about black pcb led strip light . He told me he must need the black pcb  instead white pcb to install , i feel coufused why it must be black ? then my client say he installed the strip on the ceiling of the motorhome, the RGB’s are on the inside behind the mirrors.he tried white pcb before ,but it looks very bad. It must be black so that when the lights are off, it blends with the black interior of the light fixture.

As below is the picture he install by using our black pcb led strip:


In the picture,edge lighting is sky blue color led strip with black pcb . and RGB led strip in black pcb are on the inside behind the mirrors.

Is it looks wonderful , right ? Would you like to have a try the Derun led strip light?



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