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Colorful Light Decorating The Sea World

By: DeRun   Views:5502   Date: 05/05-2016

Hope everyone have a happy May Day Holiday~ Sea world is located in shenzhen, a former French built a luxury cruise ship, formerly known as ANCEVELLER, by the famous French committee, Atlantic shipyard, ship 9 floors, 168 m long, 21 m wide, displacement of 14000 tons.


“Minghua sea world project” and “sea world plaza” in two parts.A total of 9 “wheel” minghua, building area of 16239 square meters, the main business hotel, large theme bar, countries around the world theme restaurant, etc;“Sea world plaza building a total area of 5854 square meters, with Europe subsided in the square design, formed to surround close space can provide people with loose social occasions, leisure, entertainment and communication of human space;


The square by the unique exotic western food bar district, assemble the various countries’ food culture characteristics dining area built, with representative from all over the world of music, dance, food, cultural customs and crafts as carrier of management, to build international customs, international culture, building international brand, the emphasis on people and harmonious coexistence “mountain, sea” of the natural environment.


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