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The Difference Between 12v Led Strip And 24v Led Strip

By: DeRun   Views:6834   Date: 12/03-2015

What’s the difference of led strip light 12v and 24v ?

From the PCB , We can see there are in difference electric circuit.

1picture 1


11_副本Picture 2

The picture 1 is 12v led strip light flexible pcb , it can be cut by every 3 leds in series. for difference quantities of led strip light , it can cut by the length is difference . for example : 3528 60leds/m , it can cut by every 5cm , while for 3528 120leds/m , it can cut by very 2.5cm .

The picture 2 is 24v led strip light flexible pcb , it can be cut by every 6 leds in series,  also for difference model , the cuttable length is difference , 3528 60leds/m cuttable by every 10cm , 3528 120leds/m cuttable by very 5cm .


Except the cuttable length and led quantity difference, For the intensity of current , 24v is has stronger intensity than 12v, so the 24v is more brigther than 12v .when Derun led lighting company make led strip grow light , we always use 24v led strip to make it , because it is strong instensity will be good for grows.

When we light up a long length led strip light , for example 20meter , if use 12v led strip light , the brightness of  first part  length led strip will have a big difference the end part length of led strip. the end part of led strip will dimmer and dimmer. but if use 24v led strip light , the difference will be small. anyway, Derun as a profession led strip light manufacturer , we are suggest not light up led strip light in so more 15meters for a long time , it will shorten the lifespan of led strip light .

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