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WS2811 IC Addressable Led Strip Light

By: DeRun   Views:6649   Date: 01/15-2016

Many customers are interested in our IC strip light .but they have no idea how to use it correctly.
So today i shoot a video to show how to use it . It is very easy to connect led strip with the driver.
Driver-led controller-led strip light.
The difficulty is how to tell the differences among all the key on the controller board. As the WS2811 IC strip light has many patterns. Such as flash mode( that is what we called “running water”. the led strip light will run just like water), the jump mode ( horse race), the circulation mode,auto mode (open curtain pattern and close curtain pattern)ect. You can choose whatever mode you prefer to operate the led strip light.
The difference between WS2811 and WS2812 led strip light is that WS2811 is each group of three led is addressable, while the WS2812 is each led can be controllable individually. The controller have the same function as the WS2811.
The function of each key will be well explained in our specification attached with the package. Or you can have a look at our video to have a better idea on the effect .

Later , we will put on video to the website. welcome to comment.

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