If you want to buy a new led strip or automate the led strip, you already have in your house, stay with me there until the end of this article. Today I am going to bring you one of the doubts that people ask me about the led strip, and then everyone wants to know what are the types of staring.

Is that there is difference between them which controllers? And then the ziggy wifi that we can use it, and with Alex, and congo when we go home. And I will show you all these differences in the type of led tapes and controllers for it to come out to you know.

When to buy a new led strip for your home or automate, one that you’ve already reminded people that all the products that I’m going to show you in this article. I’m going to leave a link in the description for both LED strips, that I recommend how many controllers also led tape starting here.

I will talk about the types of led that exist in the market today. We hear about 5050 3528 5630 3056 and then we get lost to know what kind of led and what does it mean?

And this is very simple, this number represents the size of the ribbon LED. For example, at 5050, it will mean that it has 50 millimeters by 50 millimeters, so of course, the led talent will end also influencing the luminosity of the tape.

And then over the years, what happened to the LEDs? They were getting better, were even reduced some of the sizes. Having the highest quality, and also with them reduced in size happened. And we can have several LEDs on one meter of LED tape and then it will influence the luminosity of the ribbon.

The lighter the more a novelty, so this is an interesting thing for you to check. Sometimes the amount of led per meter, or do you see for example how many watts each led strip has per meter.

The led strips from the best manufacturers always have this specification, a packaging so stays tuned to that there basically these two types of LED tape, one for internal use and one for external use.

The ones for internal use, have protection none. Those for external use, generally have protection thereof silicone. It’s good that you always check the quality if possible try to buy and from manufacturers known in the market.

Because of the quality of the led, and also the tape itself. because over time they can dry out, which gives bad contact. For example is that I have it is totally dry, so this one has about a year of use.

Just so let’s talk here about led strips now.

Regarding the types that exist in the market, the best known is the most popular is the monochrome ribbon, which would be what they are usually sold at a color temperature of between 2,700 kelvin up to 6,500 kelvin.

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So these are the bono tapes you usually see, usually, you will have in your home, usually the architects. They like the one that puts a hotter lamp, so they will indicate to you 3,000 3,500 kelvin but this is up to each one.

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I will vote for her later for us to explain and in the case of tapes that people say are not demonized was good advancing here a little more. We have the ribbon, it offers the CCT type that would be warm white and a cold white LED. Sometimes I came led from 2500 to 6500 kelvin.

This tape has the advantage over a normal led strip, which you can program all day. It is a cold white, which is usually a better color temperature for work.

You are more active there in the day and at night, you can already program it as warm white, that it’s a more comfortable color. Of course, it will vary from house to house. So here are basically the white-colored LEDs as I said hot, and cold entering here.

The colored LEDs the first one I have is the RGB LED, that this would be the RGB led, it usually comes from the 5050. Why is the most talked about by them in 5050? But there are also other sizes. It’s good as its name says is RGB, that would be red, green, and blue. So are three LEDs with these three colors that blend of these LEDs, they will form various colors.

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And then this type of led is not good to be used in case of ambient lighting. because cold white or warm white are not real colors. They are colors made from the study of three colors. So it will not have 100% white. Even it will be a union of colors, it will not make it stay a perfect white but you can use led strips that have a separate white led.

The next type of tape would be the RGB White that is also becoming very popular. There also uses size 5050 LEDs, but inside these LEDs, there are actually four LED chips, which will be the three RGB equal to RGB, so it has three colors. And in addition, it has white chips, the vast majority have come with 2,700-kelvin white is good.

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And the last type of ribbon would be the RGBWW or RGBCCT, it has the RGB led that makes the tone colored. It comes as a 6,500 kelvin LED which is cold white and also comes with a warm white LED which would be 2,700 kelvin.

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So this led strip is more interesting if you want colored lighting and warm white and cold white lighting. This one is from Philips, so it already has a high price there. For your model  Philips in addition to other features, that have in Philips is good, not only by the type of LED tape but also because she uses that type of tape there RGBWW or CCT ok.

And then I will tell you now one thing that happens a lot. You have the led strip light there in your house since you use it in your molding, or you will do new lighting, you will do a cut in the plaster, you will always have a led strip. It will probably happen a lot there that you already have your led strip on your home, and then a lot of people will do this one.

I decided to stay LED that you will be able to make your led tape has a color RGB, or if it is yellow she fires you will be able to stop using the led strip light. In case this connection will work, you’ll get a controller like that, what’s going to talk about these controllers.

Ok, But I’ll give you an example here today. You have the led strip in your house that the controller connected directly to it, that way is installed in your house very simple. You will remove and put the controller in the middle. Ready, of course, you will have to turn it off. And on over here, if you hang up on the inter opted that you have today. You will cut power here from the controller, but from the time it is energized, you can soften your led strip normally taking advantage of the fact that I’m talking about today.

There are LED strips on the market 12 volt and 24 volts. When controllers don’t have to worry because they all work with 12 or 24 volts. Ok, and then there’s a question that everyone has, how is it going to calculate which drive there that you will use for your led strip.

First of all, manufacturers, this is where that I’ve been looking at. They recommend a maximum of five meters of the led strip light. If you need to use more than five meters of led strip light, you connect in parallel on the same driver, but the idea is to connect up to five meters of the led strip light. Even for you do not force it and do not ruin your led strip light.

Most manufacturers are on good suggests. Like here I have one of the daughters of the pill said it is an excellent brand. For example, here says that is 19.2 watts per meter of led strip light, and it will be 24 volts, in this case, it is a 2,700 kelvin led strip light, up to 6,500 which is CCT led strip light.

And I I told you and then to calculate your driver will use. For example this led strip light here of 12 volts, so what she has is that she already says it’s 95 watts, then you will need a drive that accepts up to 95 watts.

This my controller here he specified that his output is 12 volts, and it is an output of 3.1A for you to know. How many votes will you give here you multiply? So in this case it will give a total of 45 watts. So it would be what this controller would not give these five meters off. led strip light manufacturers recommend that you have a maximum of 80 percent of the limit supported by the central see so that you do not force it, do not overheat, and sometimes burn or even last cases catch fire.

I’ll leave a table that gives you a sense of the calculation that you can do to discover your led strip. But the idea, whenever you get a good led strip light for you, has the right specifications. He another interesting thing to note is that each led strip will have a place to cut.

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What’s most interesting is that it’s the led tape controllers. I have here several models that are going to show here, I have a controller here to stay for single color led tape light. It has already been here made and a probe why it has this electrical led strip light, but here’s the thing, it is a ribbon of one color.

Only the monochromatic ones and the connectors are like that way here. So it’s simple, it’s just got to fit between your drive. It’s a led strip. It is of the wifi type. There is also the ziggy version including everyone here.

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There is wifi their ziquita so stay with that then. They will connect directly to your google romeo in your Alex to those is that use the Mexico and home app. But it’s just you additional that were to look beyond your google me mexico and home.

This is the monochrome version has the rgb tvs ueg version bww, and also has the RGBWW version only the controller. the controller also with the control in doing better. And this one in this case, it is in addition to wifi, it is also finally red it comes with a control remote can be interesting, and I have a controller that also moves that romy.

But it’s a very different format than it’s for RGBWW led strip lights, that would be an example is that of Philips and there are other led strip lights. There as well also he is the wifi. I have another controller here which is the da is the e link that the 19 is still using the same application, as the 19 is the e link requires that in the case, it only RGB between the selection for RGB led strip light.

This one also besides being wifi also in infrared, and I have a controller that this one is from the semes mars eliéser team. So he already works there with smart things, and with ruby from tui ohl, also with eco pros from amazon.

As I already said he RGB also has his RGB w5 version and also remembering that all the controllers here are both 12 volts and 24 volts. so I don’t have to worry that the vast majority of the market is going to be that way here.

I’m just talking about wifi controllers and the medical, and home case only nine but remembering that also there is a controller for the bull. So if you prefer to use everything and also there is the controller talking about voice commands here, what can we do with these led strips in the case of monochrome you will to be able to turn the voice command on and off.

And also perform the administration there, led the life you can put the percentage on but the clothes the history of closing to 100% in the case of colored led strip lights like RGB RGBW or RGBWW.

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You will be able to give the command choosing a specific color, adjust ribbon to red or also choosing a white either hot bench, or cold white, adjust the led strip light to white, adjust ribbon to warm white. So it’s special and I hope it helped you there with doubts, in relation to the LEDs tapes if you have more doubts, let us comments.