Good afteroon ,Everyone ! Now let’s talk something something about some the safe information when use the led strip, we will fllow the 9 points as below :

1.The led SMD light ribbon itself and all its components may not be mechanically stressed.
2. Assembly must not damage or destroy conducting paths on the circuit board.
3. Installation of LED modules (with power supplies) need to be made with regard to all applicable electrical and safety standards. Only qualified personel should be allowed to perform installations.
4. Correct electrical polarity needs to be observed, Wrong polarity may destroy the ribbon.
5. Parallel connection is highly recommended as safe electrical operation mode, Serial connection is not
recommended, Unbalanced voltage drop can cause hazardous overload and damage the ribbon.
6. Please ensure that the power supply is of adapters power to operate the total load.
7. When mounting on metallic or otherwise conductive surfaces, there needs to be an electrical isolation points between ribbon and the mounting surface.
8. Pay attention to standard ESD precautions when installing the ribbon

9.Damaged by corrosion will not be honored as a materials defect claim, it is the user’s responsibility to provide suitable protecton against corrosive agents such as moisture and condensation and other harmful elements.

led strip - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

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