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A Story About Our Germany Client Who Come To Visit Our Factory

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When talking about visiting factory , i will think of one of our client from Germany ,Who named Thomas, came to China on 8th April.His purpose was looking for best price high quality led panel and the parts for assemble led panel.


But it was circuitous for us to pick up thomas. His first visit is another factory . then we need to go the place to pick up him to our factory , but since there is terrible traffic jam on the rod to that place , we late and make Thomas annoyed, so he go to another factory , then we fail to pick him up. at that time, i called them agian and agan , finally we reset the meeting time at 13:30.


Luckly , this time we met thomas succeed, he is a tall man , looks handsome. he is also a humour man, when we are on the way to factory , it was start rainny , then thomas say : “you are unfriendly to me ”,why ? “becuase it is ranny , the god is feel that you are unfriendly to me” suddenly both of us laughter. Then we talk many about the weather,country culture and products…customer


We arrived factory soon , then i lead Thomas to show our work flow,original materails ,meanwhile , i learn many knowleage about the led panel production when thomas ask me questions. After checking the quality , price ,Thomas like the round led panel very much , so i give the round led panel to him as the gift of our first meeting. finally , Thomas also interested in the led panel strip light  , so he order some sample led strip light 3528 24v for test.


It was 19:00 when we take him back to the hotel ,  In order to show our sincerity, we invite thomas have dinner with us , he is a china hand , and like very much about the chinese food.As below are the picture of Thomas when we have dinner together:



At that day , thomas feel satisfied with this visting and say thank you to us .  though it was tired for me but feel  rich:)Looking forward we have futher cooperation in the near future.