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Add Some Emotion—TV BackLighting

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Just come back from holiday~ How about the holiday? Hiking, fishing or watching TV at home?And did you buy some led strip lights decoration on your house? Because of  many of customers give us a lot of orders.  Do you have any ideas on your house?

How about the TV back lighting? After dinner football game, you could come with your family watch TV with a Universal TV Backlight kit from Derun LED Lighting.


If you install the RGB led strip light, you could use the RGB LED Controller to change the TV Backlight. Nowadays, We have a new controller—blutooth led strip light controller.  You just download the APP in you moble phone, you could control the led light by your phone. If you have interested in this, please contact to me without heistation .

If you use the single color, you could order the Wireless dimmer to control the led light’s bright or Dark .


This unique product is designed to improve your viewing experience by reducing eyestrain, and enhancing the colors on your screen. Each kit comes in a customizable length, with an optional USB upgrade to allow the LEDs to turn on and off in sync with your TV.

So kick back, relax, & enjoy some entertainment along with your lovely family in the happy days!