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Different Size LED Light In Different Installation Site

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There are many clients didn’t know how to choose the size of the light and the light will installation in what site. So I’d like to tell you how to installation these light.

  1. For the parlour, different house have differnt size, so how to calculate it? In generally, you could add your rooms length and width, you will got the number, and you led light’s diameter would better not exceed this number’s 1/12.


2. In Dining Room, the diameter of the LED light must less 12” (30cm) than the table’s width, it could avoid the light hit on your head.


3. For the kitchen table, the light could be higher 28-32”(70-85cm) than  the table top.IMG_1086

4. For the corridor, the most important is that let the led light keep in the same direction.  If you corridor are high ceiling, you’d better used the Low hanging lamp. the distance is 7”(2.1m) between the floor and the light. ( it just suit to the story height user. )


5. For the Kitchen, Whether for aesthetic reasons or for safety, It is must install the led light in the countertops above arrangement and lanterns in the kitchen .Lamps and lanterns should be decorated in 1.8 meters from the ground, or distance kitchen countertops, 70-85 cm.Installation position should be high enough, so people don’t have to cling to stare at lamps and lanterns of the region (more information at https://www.kitchenistic.com).