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How To Install Led Strip Light (2)

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Let’s continue to learn about how to connected led strip light with power supply and controller:

Derunledlights.com offer the led strip light is DC 12V , so just need to work with AC switching power supply is ok. The power of supply power will depend on the led strip light power and connected length.If connected in series, the best connection length derunledlightcom suggest is , one power supply work with 5 meter led strip. But if you don’t want to light up every 5 meter use one power supply , you can choose a big power watt led power supply , then all led strip light connected in parallel.In this way , you can controll all led strip in one power supply. You can choose the fit connection way by yourself.

led strip light and power supply

About how to connected led controller with RGB led strip light . We know that different controller have difference control distance, the simple controller ,control distance is 10-15m, remote controller , its control distance is about 15-20m. Normal , one controller can controller 5-10 meter led strip light . as we know the led strip has voltage drop , so if you want to controller the led strip length over 15meter , you must need to add the amplifier to support the signal transfer. also need extra power supply to support the amplifier. it seems complex, but it will sample when you do it .


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