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How To Protect Led Strip Light In Winter

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it is the coldest day yesterday, or it would be truth by saying”freezing”—1-3 degree centigrade.


Snowflake or we called Frost can be seen once in a while in such a cold day. And people are so excited at the sight of snow that they go to the mountain or the places where are extremely cold to take pictures. The lucky thing is that it is on weekend, you know, breaking day. Most people will definitely choose to stay at home and lying on the bed with covering bed quilt to keep warm. I would kindly remind that all of you don’t forget to keep warm and take good care of body in winter.

So I was thinking that maybe some customers have no idea how to install and how to protect our led strip light in winter. No worries! Our led strip light have waterproof and nonwaterproof kind for your preference. The led strip light can be custom-made as well . as some customers are from countries where the climate are very special , Bahrain ,for example. so you have no need to worry about this. Waterproof IP65, IP67, IP68 would be available.