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Led Rigid Strip For Jewelry Cabinet

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We know that led rigid strip light is always use as led cabinet light , we use them in jewelry cabinet . but do you know what kind of lights the jewelry need ? how to choose a suitable jewelry light ? what should be pay attention to ? Today , let’ s learn something about the led cabinet light.


Base specification of led rigid strip  :


12v 5050 leds

120degree beam angle

Use high quality pcb to design , with good heat dispersion, which greatly extended the lifespan of led rigid strip , have good control on Luminance decrease, make the lights keep the same brightness.

The features of led rigid strip to use as cabinet light :

1.Environment friendly , No UV or IR Radiation

2. with good penetrability, can make jewelry became third dimension.

What should be pay attention when choose a led rigid strip ?

1.Bright enought , but not more bright more better . because difference jewerly they need difference bright of lights, such as gold , pearl, platinum with small size , they will need a high bright lights. such as Emerald and Crystal, they need a solf light , so no need too bright.

2.Must reflect its feacture , according related data shows, the jewelry will trun out the best view when the lights at 3300-5000k.

So the led rigid strip for jewelry cabinet is not require too bright , but must be combine with arround lights and direction to make a confortable environment for clients .