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Led Strip Light Outdoor Decoration

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Recently , Shenzhen ‘s winter is coming , and the weather is very cold . it is 14-15 centigrade degree, but as a person in South of  China , the temperature for me is freeze enough 🙂

It has been rainy for 2 days , some of them maybe worry , what can we do if it will rainy on Christmas, We can’t take in party which open in the air. it will less exciting .

Please don’t worry , we can set up a big tent.then decorate the tent by led strip light.

strip light

what kind of led strip light can be use ? Of course , it is waterproof IP67 led strip light or waterproof IP68 led strip light . they are can be use outdoor protect the light from rain and wind.In such cold weather , we can light up the warm white led strip light , which will make tent looks warm . of course , to create a happy atmosphere, the rgb led strip is very important .So we also need to light up some rgb led strip around the trees or tent. hung some coloured balloon. Is it a good idea ?haha , it is just my opinion , but i think it can take it into practice easily.


Of course , if you have no time to set up a big ten outdoor , let’s just stay indoor to have a party or have dinner is also very good , also can use Christmas light or  nonwaterproof led strip light for indoor decoration is also very warm and sweet.do you think so ?