As we all know, led strip light are widely used in our life, do you know the circuit of led strip light? Let’s become the great family engineer. You could DIY the led strip light to decorate to your house.

There are three different circuit design: series circuit and parallel circuit, and Series-parallel circuit.

A. The advantage of the series circuit is constant current, it is easy to contrl the led power supply’s current. But the disadvantage is that if one 0f  the LED damage, all of led will be not bright, however, it doesn’t effect the other led  strips’ life.

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B. The advantage of the parallel circuit is whichever led broken, it doesn’t affect the another led strip’s useful. The shortcoming is that if you don’t add the current limiting resistor, when a led have damage, it will caused other leds burn out. And because a single LED driving voltage is very low, it will cause most of the voltage made useless, for resource is also a kind of waste.

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C. Series-parallel circuit is a general circuit for LED strip light connection , because of using leds in series with a group, and other groups in parallel. It could raise to maximize the utilization of the power supply voltage, reduce the loss of busywork. At the same time, connect the led strips in series, which guarantee the several LED drive’s current are consistent, it is benefit toconducive the leds constant current, so it could ensure the led’s lifespan. After a series of LED led strip light unit with other groups in parallel, it could ensure that if a group has damaged, that will not affect the normal use of other groups. At the same time, because each group has a current limiting resistor, therefore, not because of one group of damage and affect the service life of the other groups.

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