What’s the difference of led strip light 12v and 24v?

From the PCB, We can see there are in a different electric circuit.

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The picture 1 is 12v led strip light, flexible PCB, and it can be cut by every three LEDs in series. For difference quantities of led strip light, it can cut by the length is a difference . for example 3528 60leds/m, it can cut by every 5cm, while for 3528 120leds/m, it can cut by very 2.5cm.

The picture 2 is 24v led strip light, flexible PCB, and every six LEDs can cut it in series,  also for difference model, the cuttable length is a difference, 3528 60leds/m cuttable by every 10cm, 3528 120leds/m cuttable by very 5cm.

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Except for the cuttable period and led quantity difference, For the intensity of current, 24v is stronger intensity than 12v, so the 24v is brighter than 12v .when Derun led lighting company make led strip to grow light, we always use 24v led strip to make it, because it is strong intensity will be suitable for grows.

When we light up a long length led strip light, for example, 20meter, if use 12v led strip light, the brightness of first part length led strip will have a big difference the end part length of the led strip. The end part of the led strip will become dimmer and dimmer. But if use 24v led strip light, the difference will be small. Anyway, Derun as a profession led strip light manufacturer. We are suggest not light up led strip light in so more 15meters for a long time. It will shorten the lifespan of the led strip light.

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