One of my customer from American told me that he had a problem when installing the led strip light . that is when he connected the them using the L corner connector, the strip showed only one single color ,rather than multi-color one. I asked him to send me the picture and video to figure out what happened to them. I was thinking that maybe our led strip light was having a problem. But after carefully checking the picture, I found that he connected the connector with led strip light in incorrect way. He inserted the led strip light with the connector, which is not matched the different mark on the connector. the marks on the strip and the marks on the connector need to be perfectly matched. Or else the led strp light will not be working when you plug in the main power switch. That is one problem.

lL 600x370 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide L1 600x600 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide
Beside . some customers complained to me that when they connect them correctly with the marks on the connector or the led controller. They still can’t get the color they choose. Sometimes they choose blue key, the led strip light shows green one, when they press the red key, the led strip light show blue one. You need to adjust the order of the wire attached with the strip light to get the correct color.