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The Difference of 3528 led strip and 5050 led strip


Do you know what’s the difference for the 3528 led strip light and 5050 led strip light ?

Today , let’s learn some difference of this 2 model led strip light .

  1. led chip size : 5050 led strip light use led chip size in 5mm *5mm , 3528 led strip light use led chip size in 3.5mm*2.8mm . the chip size of 5050 is bigger than 3528 , so normally , it will brighter than 3528.
  2. PCB width: 5050 led strip light use the 10mm width pcb, 3528 led strip light use 8mm width pcb1
  3. Luminance : We often make 5050 led chip in 16lm ,18-20 lm or 22-24lm per led , while 3528 led chip in 5lm or 7-8lm .
  4. Led power : 5050 led chip is about 0.24w per led , 3528 led chip is 0.04 w per led . So the power of 5050 is higher than 3528 , it is also a reason why 5050 is brighter than 3528 .
  5. Led Quantities of per meter : 5050 led strip is normal make 30leds/m strip led , 60leds/m strip led ,120leds/m double row strip led , 3528 is make 60leds/m strip led , 120leds/m strip led,240leds/m double row strip led.
  6. RGB color construction : 5050 led chip rgb is 3 chips in one led , there are 3 chip rgb led one group.So when use controller to change ,it can make the whole strip in the same color .red color , or blue color … while 3528 it is 1 chip in one led , so its rgb color is 3 single color led chip one group , it is red , green , blue circulation, it can’t change the whole strip in a same color.


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