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First , let’s learn something about 335 led strip light . it is a led strip with 8MM pcb ,we offer them in 60leds/m and 120leds/m .It use smd 335 led chip to make , it is a very small size led chip .The difference for 335 led strip with 3528 and 5050 led strip is , 335 led  is a side emitting flexible led strip light . 5050 led strip with beam angle is 120 degree , while 335 led strip light is 180 degree. it is at the at the same level to the pcb.When Fixing in the direction of the decorative surface exposure is parallel, rather than the vertical.Like this picture show as below :

side emitting 335 led strip 12v:

IMG 20141021 171313 600x450 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

This 335 side emitting led strip mostly use in the Led  sign , advertising lighting , Window display lighting and indoor decoration .

Application :

light 600x430 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

light 1 600x401 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

This kinds of led strip , the best selling model is 335 120leds/m , its high density will give a better lighting effect .Also at a competitive price.

So would you like to have a try ?