Glad to see you~ this is Sarah, I’d like to talk to you with the Plant-growing Strip Light today~

As we all know all living things depend on light. DeRun lighting made it its mission to develop LED grow lights for agriculture, using light emitted by led as an alternative to naturakl sunshine, to promote plant photosynthesis and to creat a suitable lighting environment for plant growth. We could do the specified wavelength spectrum to suit the plant growthing, and also waterproof IP65/IP67 IP68 could be supply it. the felxible led strip light and the rigid led strip light is the main product for plant-growthing. it is easy and diverse installation for your selection.

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this led plant-growthing strip light used the red light with 660nm and bule light 450nm 2835 smd LED, 2OZ double sides PCB Board, and our customer send the thankful email to DERUN. it is our worth to cherish it

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There are following the our LED Plant-growthing Strip Light’s specifications and advantages for your kindly check.

  1. high efficacy—-Using SMD2835 led, with high luminoius intensity, purity, consistency and efficacy.
  2. Energy -Saving— High ower factor, 4 times energy saving than fliorescent lamp, and 10 times than sodium lap.
  3. Good heat dissipation, long lifespan—Spectral tunablity and low heating light source, long lifspan with over 50000hours
  4. Most suitable Wavelength for plant growing—Adopting red light with 660nm wavelength, bule light with 450nm wavelength, we have two red-Blue rations(8:1 or 5: 1) to be applied to different kinds of plants:          5:1 for plants that flower and produce fruit                                    8:1 for foliage plants and leafy vegetables
  5. Safety and Reliability—–UL listed, quality guaranteed.                                                                                                        61XynPAt8mL. SY355  - LED Strip Lights Application GuideLight Graph 600x361 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide