Welcome to Derun led news show time .

Today is Monday , is everybody has a good weekend ? I think someone of you maybe go hiking, shopping , fly a kite . However, the weather in shenzhen is terrible ,  it is rainy and wet, which let me no feeling to go  out. So i stay at home and do what i interested in — Watch TV.

I Watch a TV show called “24 hours” , it is a pupolar show says that some artists go to difference country to finished all kinds of task. this time, they went to the dubai. which make them wonder at is the highest building — Burj Khalifa Tower . also there is another wonderful thing make me suprise is the pepole who in a multilayer dressing dancing in the desert at night .the dress is so beatiful , it is make by rgb led strip light. bright up and looks colorful in the dark . also it is very flexible to the dress , can change to differnce shape with the music when dancing,looks very beautiful.

led strip dress - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

somthing like this led dress , we can use 3528 60leds/m rgb color to make it , because the 3528 rgb led strip , it is a single rgb color changeing , so it will looks more colorful than 5050 rgb led strip light.

If you are want to make led cloth , you can consider to choose flexible rgb led strip light to have try , which will get a unexpected beauty.