China LED fluorescent tube light source accounting for changes apparent reason

Light source series LED fluorescent tubes Quantity accounted obvious change was mainly due to:

LAMP Series is eliminated primarily with their own products heat, light angle, the light fades is directly related to higher.LAMP products due to the smaller bracket pin and most of the iron material, the overall heat of the light source products. LED Tube lights for a long time its internal LAMP series of light heat is not timely, and seriously affect the life of LED Tube light fades. 2009 years ago, LED fluorescent tube light source LAMP series-based, but in subsequent uses successively exposed LAMP series of light heat is not timely, LED Tube light failure caused by high short life, SMD series replaces LAMP series LED fluorescent tube light source to be the best choice for customers. LAMP series of light use glue sealing strong, impact in certain applications, is still LAMP series of light-based, and this will remain for some time.

3528,3020,3014 series together accounting for over 50% mainly due to: a 3528,3020,3014 series single product structure, good heat dissipation, small size, no spot in LED Tube, and low cost. b.5050, 5630 particle size, LED fluorescent tube spacing, the spots too obvious, part of the campaign is more suitable for LED fluorescent tubes, light bar, LED fluorescent tube light source the best choice.

2835,3030,3535, COB package series high-power become a quick way for companies to reduce costs. Prices continue to fall with the LED fluorescent tube, LED fluorescent tube manufacturers gross margin has been greatly compressed.According to GLII study data 2010 LED fluorescent tube, the average gross profit margin of 48% or more, but this data to the first half of 2012 dropped to 26%, or even lower. Many companies to seek to reduce the cost of the light source indirectly reduce the cost of LED fluorescent tubes. 2835 the COB packaging products gradually become one of the main light source LED Tube. 2835 Series 0.2W series, the number of LED fluorescent tubes used in the same power will be reduced by more than half, LED fluorescent tubes cost more obvious reduction; COB package due to the overall high luminous efficiency, good spot, low cost LED Tube another source of choice and the COB packaging series in the future will become one of the main light source of LED lighting applications.

High-power LED fluorescent light source based series

LAMP series of light can not be substituted All main with SMD series products in waterproof, moisture-proof measures imperfections have a direct relationship, waterproof, moisture-proof, as a silicone resin glue SMD Package has been greatly improved, but to reach the LAMP series waterproof, moisture level will take some time, LAMP series finally will be replaced in their entirety. LED Tube will be the development of high efficiency, low price, high quality, high reliability trends, statistics from GLII the COB packaging series just to achieve high efficiency, low cost, so the next few years, 2835,3030,3535, COB the package series represented by the series of high-power LED fluorescent tubes proportion of the number of rapidly. The China LED fluorescent tubes will form the next period of time mainly in high-power series LED fluorescent tube, the 3528,3020,3014 series of light sources, supplemented by LED fluorescent tube market.