Those who are in the field of led product may have idea about one of the difference between 12v and 24v. that is the cut interval. For 12v led strip light, it is 3leds cuttable. For 24v led strip light, it is 6leds cuttable, which is irreplaceable.

If you wanna make the led strip light 12v, then the cut interval must be 3 leds ,rather than 6leds. Some customers try to shorten the cut interval or extend the cut interval without changing the light output. So it is not practical.

Besides, if you choose the led strip light with 12v, then the corresponding adapter would be necessary as well . for example ,12v led strip light match with 12v adapter. 24v led strip light with 24v adapter. We provide all the above adapter .of course. For 110v 220v led strip light . the led strip light is unnecessary .you just need to plug in the main power switch and use it directly. We equip with one plug per roll (50m or 100m).

On the whole, except for the rgbw led strip light , most of the led strip light are with 12v,not 24v .