Good News, Glad to let you know that our UL listed of led strip light is approved .

We takes about 2 month to wating the approve, and glad to know that the UL number is approved at the end of March.

As we know , UL Listed is a very important certification for Unite Stated . it is the most authoritative test certification in USA . So it also a great meaningful for our company’s products .it will be a symbolize to show everyone that our led strip light are of top quality .

Now the model of led strip light under UL listed is 3528 led strip , 5050 led strip and 2835 led strip . that means when you buy these model of led strip light , there will be a UL stamp or UL Number on the pcb . just like the picture as below .(This picture is just for reference , Our UL Number is 482640. )

DSC005051 600x450 - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

3528 UL Listed IP65 Waterproof LED Strip Light in white color

Also we updated the price of UL listed led strip light in more competitive price at the beging of April, So if you are interested in our UL listed led strip light or  you want to confirm if we really get the UL certification , please feel free to contact us for more information.