As the temperature keeps stable in northern hemisphere, especially the countries where is closed to the north. It happens that the closer to the north , the colder it is . so it is never unusual to witness the blizzard in North American. I saw the news on internet that annual blizzard came in time the day before yesterday in American. People slide on the ice with couples of friends happily. Many incredible ice scene can be seen as well. Hope my best friend Shawn in Oklahoma fine. As I haven’t been in touch with him for a while. I know he is busy at work and don’t have much time on other things.


The led strip need to be well-waterproofed in such a cold day. IP68 silicon glue and tube covering double waterproof led strip light is the first choice. How to cut off the IP68 led strip and solder the black and red wire on the led strip ? for this technical question, I want to make a brief draft like this :cut off—clean up the glue–solder – drop glue .we specially shoot the video to show you the very detailed step in a practical way. You are welcomed to visit our website for the visual effect.