From the achievements of Japan to promote LED lighting, in addition to the 311 earthquake in Japan so that they further enhance the awareness of environmental protection and energy saving, more importantly, Japan enacted the security, performance and interchangeability of LED lighting specifications, and more to ensure consumerthe rights and interests, to ensure product quality.

Japan’s current LED lighting standards, JIS Japanese Industrial Standard and JEL Japanese electric ball Industry Association Standard two categories. LED lighting module and bulb-type LED lamp safety specifications and performance requirements, these standards regulate the LED lighting in a variety of environments, security and CRI, brightness, life, eliminate safety and performance less than the specification of LED lighting products, can completely replace the traditional lighting such as incandescent bulbs as the goal.

Japan Electric Lamp Manufacturers will develop LED lighting specifications and 4, is the definition of LED lighting in the form of notation, and LED lighting with the traditional lighting the mouth gold and system compatibility.

LED lighting in weight, circuit and system requirements are different from the traditional lighting, if not develop compatibility specifications, could easily lead to damage to the LED lighting, and even fever, fire and other dangerous when in use.