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Yesterday , we were talking about the safe information and method of application for IR 20 Key controller .it is use for comments rgb led strip how about the dream color led strip controller ? when you want to controller the led strip light more then 10meter , what should you do ?

For dream color led strip light , there is a dream color amplifer must need to work with long length led strip controller. so today , we are learn something about this amplifer.

amplifier - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

Dream-color amplifier applies to all the dream-color controllers , each time add one dream-color amplifier, it could output 8 groups of dream-color signals, achieve the effection of multi-group
dream-color strip light changing synchronously. Dream-color amplifiers could be connected can work with ws2811 led strip and other ic led strips.

From the picture , we can see there is Input interface and output interface on the led amplifier, so let’s what function for each channel :

im - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

VCC is the positive of power input, GND is the negative of power input; LATCH is interface of latching
signal; DATA is interface of dream color date signal; CLOCK is interface of clock signal; GND is common

out - LED Strip Lights Application Guide


Lch1 is the interface of latching signal of port 1; Dat1 is dream color date signal interface of port1; Clk1 is
clock signal interface of port1; Gnd is common ground. The other seven output port is same as output interfaceof port1.

That’s all , today product information learing over . let’s continue tomorrow.