Do you think that LED only can application on Science,it is cold product?Which without any soul and think ? of course not ! led only can work with different ordinary materails to make a amazing effects.She can looks tender, somtimes looks strong.

Let’s go to see what amazing the led would creat:

1.LED  Beauty:

When the lighting fair held in tokyo Janpan in the year of 2010 , we can find a interested product, that is use difference wavelength of led to the medical beauty, to creat diffrence beauty effect. Such as using the blue light , which can make people feel at ease. Using yellow light , which can help Anti-aging,whitening, improve the grain.Using red light , which can make stimulating the synthesis of collagen minimize the pores .

Led - LED Strip Lights Application Guide

Led beauty

As we are China led strip manufacturer, so if someone looking for the led lights to make the beautity machine, we can use the leds to make into nonwaterproof led strip light , yellow color led strip light , blue led strip light and red led strip light, all these color 12v  or 24v led strip can use to make the specify wavelength , then apply to beauty.

Today , we will talk one application of leds , and let’s continue tomorrow to share the second one.

Hope everyone have a nice day!