I just compared a bunch of light strips. so I had a lot of extras laying around. I found some creative places to put them and a few turned out way better than expected. I think this article is going to help you find a lot of different ideas on where to put them in your house. some of these I may leave up permanently and others I may change.

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Bathroom vanity mirrors with led lights are not that cheap, I wanted to add light strips, but I didn’t want to see them when the lights were off. These led covers cover up the light strip making it look much more professional and gives them extra functionality, which I’ll get into later.

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I got some corner connectors and I had to cut the covers with a small hacksaw to fit the mirror. it was pretty easy though. I put it on the inside of the mirror, but maybe it would look even better on the outside. I’m trying this out for now, but I do think it looks awesome. I’ll put some light strip recommendations down in the description so you know what I’m using.

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Artwork or anything hanging on your walls could be a great place for light strips. I built some acoustic panels recently to improve the audio of my video, sand because there is a gap between the panel and the wall, it’s a great place for LEDs. we got this idea from seeing tons of ideas online of people making the artwork look really cool with lighting. the question is did I build these panels, so I could have one more place that I could put light strips. I’m not gonna answer that.

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The next idea is one my whole family is most excited about. I put the light strips behind the piano that change with the music. I specifically chose the gobi dream color light strips for this, because they have a built-in microphone so that can sync with the sound extremely well. these are addressable so each section can be on or off as well as different colors. they’re not too expensive and they’re some of my favorite light strips.

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When I compared them recently, having these behind the piano has been so much fun for my daughter, my wife, and me. I’ve had some comments asking where they can get this smart home solver hat .our friend made these for us over a year ago and she just opened it up for anyone who wants to order one through her business. check it out if you want.

Putting light strips underneath the couch is something I’ve shown before but it looks so awesome that I wanted to show it again they only turn on automatically when the tv is on at night, it helps me see while walking around when the rest of the lights are off .however you don’t see them while watching tv so they’re not too distracting it gives that nice theater experience in my living room.

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Up until now, adding light strips in the ceiling was difficult the textured surface makes it, easy for them to fall down. remember that cover I use for the bathroom mirror. I’m using the same thing in the closet and it works extremely well to help hang them up.

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The ones in the bathroom were one meter in size and these are two meters, so they’re pretty long .you can also buy connectors to extend the length to install them all you have to do is. place the light strip in the cover and then attach the included metal brackets to the wall or ceiling. the brackets snap onto the cover to hold it in place, I did three brackets on the ceiling and it seems to hold it well.

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I also attached a contact sensor on the closet door, so when it opens the light turns on then they turn off at the door closes .it’s really convenient. these covers open the door to placing light strips in spots that may not have been possible before. and when they’re turned off, they blend in pretty well like you may not have even noticed that there’s some in the corner right now .they’ve been there pretty much this whole time. the two covers I had shown before were flat but this one is a 90-degree angle.

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Which works great in corners? I went with the 2-meter size which fits well and most smart light strips are 2 meters anyways. I put lifx z and 1and yi light strips in another, they fit great and most will fit fine, except for Philips hue which is a little thick with these covers, you can slightly see the individual diodes while on, there are others that blend the lights better which may be worth checking out.

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People have gotten creative on where to put these led covers. I’ve seen them installed on baseboards or even outside on their patio, as the idea of putting these on my baseboards permanently.

Which I think I’ll write in another article you can really use your imagination of where to put light strips with these covers on, and I covered a lot of these light strips in a comparison article. I did recently so go check that out if you haven’t already.